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Which are the different types of reading pillows? 

There are two great options:

* Standard Reading Pillow

This bed backrest pillow will envelop you in heavenly comfort as it cradles and cushions every part of your body, supporting your head, neck, back, and even your arms with the built-in arm rest. Don’t take our word for it, treat yourself to this heavenly pillow, and let us sweep you off your feet!

*Premium Extra Large Reading Pillow 

This new alternative allows you to adjust the height of the neck roll pillow up to 10” using the bungee cord, or remove it entirely to use it for lumbar support instead! Unlike other reading pillows on the market, the Nestl Reading Pillow includes TWO detachable pillows for unmatched customization! Use the additional pillows for neck support, lumbar support, to elevate your legs or even on your lap as a book rest!