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Use Pillow Shams to Give a New Look To Your Rooms without Much Hassle

Pillow shams are covers that can be put on the existing pillows to change their appearance to suit the setting they have been placed in. They are available in a multitude of fabrics and colors, and so, you can easily find a style to suit your taste.

If you are someone who’s fond of changing the decor of their house often, pillow shams might just become your new favorites. You can simply purchase a new sham instead of buying a new set of pillows to match your new decor. The shams usually have an overlapping opening in the back, making them very easy to slide over pillows and change.

Pillow shams are often available for throw pillows and bed pillows. Some of the fabrics in which you will be easily able to find pillow shams for throw pillows include cotton, silk, suede, satin, velvet, taffeta, denim and microfiber. For added elegance, you can also go ahead with the ones with embroidery and beading. The ones used for bed pillows are usually chosen to suit the pattern of your bedding set.

A lot of people end up confusing pillow covers for pillow shams but there’s a minor but significant difference that a pillow sham covers the set of pillows that sit or lay over the pillowcases.

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