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Could snoring lead to an imminent divorce?

Could snoring lead to an imminent divorce?

Could snoring lead to an imminent divorce?

Although we may not believe that snoring could in fact lead to an imminent divorce; the fact is that this is actually the third cause of divorce in the United States; the main reason for this complicated situation is being constantly interrupted while sleeping; and of course not achieving a deep restful REM stage; which is the one that helps us restore all of our energy so we can start functioning correctly the next day.

Snoring consequences in a relationship

Low sleep efficiency could lead to several serious consequences for the person that experiences snoring issues from his or her partner; besides that, it will most always conduct to encounter hostile situations because of the excessive tiredness, irritability, and resented feeling for not resting as much as they would like to.

Some of most common consequences of not sleeping correctly are:

  • Dealing with emotional issues like constant mood changes, sadness, and even depression.
  • Low response capacity when it comes to taking any kind of decision.
  • Weight issues, especially those related to obesity that may lead to having diabetes.
  • Being more vulnerable to having serious accidents.

Constant conflicts cause by snoring disturbances could even end up in a divorce if they do not take appropriate treatment or don’t reach an agreement.

Is sleeping separately the best solution?

Sleeping in separate beds or different bedrooms has become one of the most common solutions when snoring issues are presented; there are even some surveys that proved that almost half of people that were polled affirm they wish to sleep separately from their partners.

Besides snoring, there could be other important circumstances why couples decide sleeping apart; some of those situations are principally related to each one sleeping habits, for example:

  • Having an early or late bedtime
  • Preference to sleep with lights on or off
  • The inclination of having a bedroom with cold or warm temperature
  • The need of waking up really early or late in the morning

Recognizing all possible sleeping disturbance is a great start to fix couples’ relationships; and it is highly important to consider visiting a sleep expert, especially if the issue is that one of them suffers from constant sleep apnea (snoring); this problem could lead to other severe health disorders such as chronic apnea, and of course having difficulties with their partner that could lead to a possible divorce.

Effective ways to deal with snoring and avoid a divorce

Nevertheless, you may be wondering if there is something you could do to reduce snoring before you have other serious consequences. Here are some simple things you could start practicing to minimize any kind of sleep disorder indicators


  1. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking: there are plenty of good health reasons of why it is important to reduce the consumption of any kind of these substances.
  2. Maintain an ideal balance of body weight: this will help lower the pressure of the individual airways.
  3. Control any type of allergies: consider taking some prescribed medications and
  4. Try sleeping on your side; along with raising your head with the use of a firm comfortable pillow, this will help to relieve the airways when breathing.

Communication is the most important factor that helps couples to make the best decision for them; considering that there are no specific rules that need to be followed to maintain their relationship work along with their intimacy. What might be good for some couples may not function for some others; but no matter what the solution is, it is absolutely necessary to consider health before anything else.