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Differentiating Between Down, Feather, Foam, and Cotton Pillows

Differentiating Between Down, Feather, Foam, and Cotton Pillows

Differentiating Between Down, Feather, Foam, and Cotton Pillows

We often underestimate how important a role does pillow play in determining the quality of sleep we get through the night. It is because of lack of information that most people spend years sleeping on uncomfortable pillows before they find one that suits them the best. Here is some information about various types of pillows that might come in handy when you try to choose a nice pillow for yourself.

 Down Pillow – Among the most commonly used pillows, down pillows are filled with goose down, a soft material that provides a comfortable and soft feeling to people. Even though they are expensive, they do not provide enough support for the neck of some people.
 Feather Pillow – Stuffed with feathers of geese, as the name suggests, feather pillows are firmer than down pillows. They are known to last a few years if cared for properly.
 Foam Pillow – If you have some neck or back problems that affect your sleep, foam pillows are the best option for you. Firmer in comparison to feather or down pillows, foam pillows are often recommended by doctors.
 Cotton Pillow – A cotton pillow won’t hold its shape and will take the form of your head. These are in high demand these days as people enjoy the feeling of their body resting in its natural position. These need to be replaced rather frequently but since these aren’t very expensive, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Other than what has been stuffed into the pillow, the other factors that should be given due attention include the size and thickness of the pillow.

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