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Does Thickness Matter In A Mattress?

Does Thickness Matter In A Mattress?

Does Thickness Matter In A Mattress?

Although there is no golden rule, the consensus is that thicker mattresses offer better sleep quality because they are costlier. However, this is not always true. The materials used in the different layers, as well as the thickness distribution, softness, and firmness of the different layers also contribute to the sleeping experience.

Out of the different factors affecting sleep experience including mattress firmness, heating controls, bounce, support, body contouring, motion transfer, sleeping position, and body weight, many tend to relate to mattress thickness in one way or the other. Supporting your head and neck, aligning your spine, even preventing acid reflux comes down to your mattress and its pressure points.

A mattress can have anywhere from two to five layers; more commonly, the number stands at 3-4. Together, these layers contribute not just to the comfort and sleep quality that the mattress provides, but also to its durability and longevity. These are the foundation or base, comfort, and support layers.

The advantages of a thick mattress include:

Design and aesthetics

Though it depends a lot on your taste, thicker mattresses are usually considered more luxurious and gorgeous, especially if you are placing them directly on the floor.


Thicker mattresses last quite long in most cases. These mattresses usually come with a warranty of 15-20 years, provided the foundation layer is thick enough.

Can be used on the Floor

Floors are much harder compared to a box spring or a platform bed and do not absorb as much shock when you lie on your mattress.

Better for Sharing

A thicker mattress can support the increased weight without disrupting the comfort or support provided.

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