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Health Conditions That Affect Your Sleeping Cycle

Health Conditions That Affect Your Sleeping Cycle

Health Conditions That Affect Your Sleeping Cycle

Contrary to the popular belief that medical conditions make you want to lie in bed all day long, there are, in fact, several health issues that can affect your sleeping cycle. Several pieces of research suggest that a lot of sleeping disorders stem from certain medical conditions.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common conditions.

 Depression: As many as 90 percent of people with depression struggle with falling asleep. Anxiety also takes away your ability to relax. There are a few medicines that help ease depression and anxiety, and in turn, the sleeping disorder.
 Menopause: A lot of women experiences have admitted to experiencing insomnia as their periods start to end. The changing levels of estrogen cause sleep disruptions by bringing on sudden waves of intense body heat.
 Cardiovascular Disease: Quite a few cardiovascular conditions have been linked to sleep problems. An effective way of not letting these conditions disrupt your sleep is using extra pillows to elevate your upper body when in bed.
 Eating Disorders: Most of us don’t realize the effect malnutrition and excessive weight loss can have on our sleep patterns, interfering with a good night’s sleep.
 Asthma: Because of nighttime changes in functioning, asthma patients experience increased risk at night. Not just that, some medications used to treat the condition also cause fragmented sleep.

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