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No more bed microbes with Silvadur™ Technology

No more bed microbes with Silvadur™ Technology

No more bed microbes with Silvadur™ Technology

Just as its name says, Silvadur ™ Technology was created from the particular material of silver; and it was developed by scientists and leaders from the textile and fiber industry back in 2004; focused on creating an antimicrobial microfiber cloth that allowed to control the growth of bacteria, mold or fungi; all of these are main causes bad smell, deterioration or discoloration. This sensational technology has been modified over the years to improve durability and easy manipulation of fabrics.

But, how exactly does Silvadur ™ Technology work? the functionality of this great innovation is thanks to the use of charge silver ions  (Ag+); they are extracted at a molecular level and delivered by a water-based system; after that, they are distributed all over the fabric as a liquid treatment that acts just like an acrylic polymer. Although recently the brand has introduced the use of silver salts; making the fabric highly water-resistant after being washed.

Silvadur ™ Technology benefits

By providing the great advantage of odor control and bacteria, Silvadur ™ Technology gives you the option of not having to wash clothes or fabric continuously, protecting the fiber materials along with the color. Besides the previous benefits mentioned, there a lot more to be considered, like:

  • Antiallergen
  • Anti stain
  • Cooling
  • Freshness
  • Waterproof
  • Thermoregulation

The use of Silvadur ™ Technology on clothes is 99.9% effective on certifying that microbes will be destroyed even after almost 50 washes; protecting all kinds of garments like clothes, bed sheets, shoes, and more; the effectiveness is that huge, that is now considered to be used on face masks as an antimicrobial agent.

Silvadur™ is considered an intelligent technology that adds value to what only demand retailers and manufacturers’ companies offer through their textile fabrics. When using Silvadur ™ in bedsheets, silver ions can reduce the presence of acne allowing you to have smoother skin and of course a much more serene sleeping experience.