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Sleeping myths Vs sleep facts

Sleeping myths Vs sleep facts

Sleeping myths Vs sleep facts

There is plenty of scientific studies and information that proves how important is sleeping; however, it has been also been presented different kinds of myths sometimes discredit science and confuse people; leading them to believe in something that could hurt their health and harm their sleeping cycle.

Although there is an extensive list of sleeping myths; we have come up with only 10 of the most well-known and recurrent that people tend to believe; we will also explain if there is any truth in what each one of them mentioned.

Sleeping myths

#1 The more you sleep the better

It is highly important to consider all health recommendations when it comes to sleeping and do not guide by some of the famous sleeping myths only. The number of hours we are supposed to sleep; depending on our age range is a key factor so we can rest the exact time that we are supposed to; without having any complications for sleeping less or more.

Yes, that is correct, sleeping more than what need could also lead to harmful consequences; not only in our emotional health but also physically; causing possible depressions, headaches, diabetes, or even heart issues.

#2 Adults do not need to sleep as much as children

As mentioned before, there are specific number of hours we need to sleep depending on the age we have; and the average time adults between the ages of 19 and 59 years old are required to sleep at least 7 hours daily; but if they have the possibility to sleep up to 9 hours that will allow them to reach appropriate energy restore to keep functioning correctly and without any complications.

#3 Snoring is a helpless sleeping condition

While most people truly believe on the sleeping myth that snoring is something you will have to live with the rest of your life, no matter how many recommendations or medications they take; the truth is that sporadic snoring is not something to be alarm about; however when it is presented frequently waking up you or your partner; it is absolutely necessary to visit a sleep expert in order to get the correct treatment.

There could be several factors that cause this sleeping disorder; therefore the key is to consider each of our daily habits. Acquiring an optimal pillow could also make a huge difference that may help to change this disorder that will probably risk our health.

#4 Watching T.V. or drinking alcohol before bedtime improves our sleeping quality

Nighttime routines are extremely important, which is why incorrect habits could harm our health if we do not change them; therefore watching a late T.V. show program causes more damage than what we could think of, not only because it gets us distracted, but all electronic devices emit what we best know as “blue light“; confusing our biological sleep clock (circadian rhythm) and keeping away our mind from falling asleep.

Drinking alcoholic beverage before our bedtime is one dangerous sleeping myth that we shouldn’t believe; because even though when we take one or two drinks causes that our mind and body to get relax; the truth is that far from allowing us to rest during the night, it will cause us to not achieve a deep sleep along with being more likely to suffer from snoring, interrupting our sleeping quality.

#5 Resting in your bed with your eyes close during the day is just as good as napping

While we might think or even feel that the action of laying down in a bed closing our eyes is just as satisfactory as to take a nap during the day; the fact is that our entire body functions in a different way when we are awake than when we sleep; and not only that is distinct; but the main action of achieving a deep sleep reaching the famous REM stage, which is the phase that allows us to restore every loss energy.

The key when we want to enjoy a satisfactory nap is to not schedule it to close to our bedtime and keep it short; which means that it shouldn’t last more than 25 minutes; otherwise it will interfere with our sleep cycle at night and it will cause us to feel drowsine

Being able to recognize and investigate the appropriate information before believing in all kinds of myths, will let you take the appropriate decisions and adopt healthy habits to improve your sleeping quality.