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What food should we eat to sleep better?

What food should we eat to sleep better?

What food should we eat to sleep better?

Believe it or not, there is a deep connection between the food we eat and how well we sleep; although the main question is: how exactly does food impact our sleeping cycle? the answer mainly relies on each of the components that we eat through all various kinds of food preparations.

Eating appropriately right before bedtime; is one of the basic elements we need to consider if we want to enjoy from an ideal sleeping hygiene. Although we are not referring to have a mandatory specific diet; many studies have found out how there are certain types of food that could benefit or affect how well we sleep during the night.

Essential Nutrients

What makes each kind of food different are the nutritional components that it has; and we know 6 types of them with a specified purpose:


Of course, this is one of the most essential nutrients we need to have and consume if we want to have efficient physical and mental health; water does not only helps us be hydrated but it also transports all nutrients and clean toxins.

Keep in consideration that drinking too much water before your bedtime will most likely cause you to wake up constantly because of the urgent need of going to the bathroom, causing you to not rest appropriately during the night.


This nutrient has the main objective of improving our bone structure while maintaining our hair, skin, and nails in ideal form. We are able to find all diversity of minerals in the milk, eggs, seeds, beans, green vegetables, and white meat.


Even though they are best known as fats, and even though we might think about them in a negative unhealthy way; it is important that we learn there are some healthful fats that provide energy to our body, by allowing cells to grow, absorbing minerals and vitamins and balancing blood sugar. However, we should stay away from any monounsaturated and polyunsaturated; and some of the types of food that have healthy fats are fish, vegetable oils, coconut oil, and plenty of kinds of seeds.

We need to keep in mind that exceeding the consumption of healthy or unhealthy fats; are likely to increase the risk of having some kind of discomfort while we intend to sleep because they tend to reduce the production of serotonin in our body.


These are all the sugar that we eat; and they are really important to our body as long as we maintain them balanced because they provide most of the energy we need to keep functioning. They are likely to be found in all fruits, bread, or vegetables; although it is important to be aware and avoid all over-processed food that contains too much sugar.

We should be really carefull in eating food that has too much load of carbohydrates; especially the ones that are processed; because excess of that much sugar our body will cause it to get over whelm by having too much energy and not allowing us to sleep.


This nutrient helps us develop our muscles and also provides enough fuel to our cells to maintain their proper functioning. The main types of food where we can find proteins are mainly all kinds of meat, dairy products, beans, several grains, and soy.

Low-fat proteins; especially white meats are highly recommended to eat during dinner; without forgetting that we need to consume them in a balanced manner; these are a perfect choice to eat because they do not take too long to be digested which is a great aspect to consider when we are about to go to sleep.


There is a wide variety of them; each one with a specific reason; nevertheless, they all provide great health benefits to increase our immune system; and they can be especially found in all kinds of fruit and vegetables.

How does food promotes better sleep?

The more we consume healthy food and maintain our eating habits balanced, the better we will feel; being able to enjoy a top-quality life along with a perfectly efficient sleep cycle night after night; as long we follow certain recommendations before our bedtime:

  • Reduce as much as possible eating food that has too many proteins and lipids; because they will probably cause you stomach pain, which will probably interrupt your sleeping cycle.
  • Caffeine and Alcoholic drinks need to be avoided as much as possible when we are about to go to sleep; both are stimulant beverages that keep our brain in a stage of alert; keeping us away from having any kind of relaxation; especially if we add sugar in some of this types of drinks, like cream, soda, chocolate, etc.
  • Consuming too many carbohydrates also affects how well we sleep; since they provide energy to our body the main consequence will be not being able to sleep as quickly as we would like to; and neither rest appropriately during the night.

As soon as we learn how to consume food that is balanced in each of its nutrients; we will be able to maintain the calm we need, and therefore our body will be allowed to increase its production of serotonin until we reach a pleasantly deep sleep laying in our comfortable bedsheets and cuddling our soft bed pillow without any disruptions.