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What you should know about Chronotherapy?

What you should know about Chronotherapy?

What you should know about Chronotherapy?

The use of different treatments to help reduce the effects of various sleep disorders is always renovating to become more efficient every time; nevertheless, the surprising fact is how simple some of those treatments are. There are some in particular that most sleep specialists recommend highly; one of those is “chronotherapy” depending on the severity of each disease.

Chronotherapy is an efficient technique that consists basically in resetting patients’ biological clock; by delaying on purpose their sleep hour; in a gradual manner; until they reach their desire and appropriate bedtime that allows them to enjoy 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. In every kind of sleep treatment, it is primordial to establish a comfortable bedroom environment with the right lighting; that will allows the patient to sleep properly without any interruptions.

Every person reacts differently to the type of treatment that is administrated; and the reasons are specific factors like age or genetic the ones that determine how our body protects itself from the disease or disorder they are suffering.

When setting up this kind of treatment; it is highly important to respect and establish a strict regimen to follow day by day; this is why whenever health specialists recommend chronotherapy; they always suggest staying in a controlled environment where they can be observed and make the proper adjustments if it is required; this locations be hospitals or rehabilitation sleep centers with the adequate health staff to help the patient.

Even though chronotherapy is mostly recommended for patients with sleep disorders; it is also useful to help with other conditions like emotional or eating issues; the effectiveness of this therapy relies mainly on the fact that it requires almost no medications; although this will depend on how severe the condition is; fortunately there are various types of chronotherapy treatments:

Bright Light Theraphy

Consists of receiving high and fluorescent illumination from a special design box, for at least 15 to 90 min during morning; this method helps the circadian rhythm to start adjusting to the day and night schedule.

Wake Therapy

Just as its name says; this therapy consists of keeping the patient awake for 1 or up to 3 sleep cycles; which means that they will not be allowed to sleep for one or even two nights; this is performed with the purpose of leading the patient to deep tiredness; allowing to establish a sleep time at the right moment.

Sleep Phase Advance Therapy

The use of wake-sleep deprivation therapy has been especially used for patients that suffer from Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPS); the process includes changing your bed and wake up time moving it forward until it is set up to the normal sleep schedule they should have.