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Nestl Green Tea Cooling Memory Foam Mattress


Your Sleep Haven Awaits

Engineered for superior comfort and thermal regulation, the Nestl Green Tea & Graphite Memory Foam Mattress promotes a consistently cool sleep environment, with three layers of CertiPur-US certified, premium memory foam infused with all-natural green tea extract that neutralizes odors for refreshing sleep. 

A thick, supportive layer of contouring memory foam sets the stage, alleviating pressure points with personalized cushioning and support. Infused with green tea extract, the top layer absorbs sweat, neutralizes odors, and allows body heat to escape. The middle layer is made from convoluted ""egg crate"" graphite foam that boasts exceptional thermal diffusivity, efficiently drawing heat away from your body. An OEKO-TEX certified, breathable knit cover adds an extra layer of softness and optimizes airflow. 

This mattress ships vacuum packed to reduce our collective carbon footprint. 

1) Open the box and unroll the mattress on your bed frame (a slight odor is normal and will dissipate shortly).
2) Walk and jump on the mattress to aid decompression.
3) Please allow 24-72 hours for full decompression.