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Music, a great treatment for a better sleep

Music, a great treatment for a better sleep

Music, a great treatment for a better sleep

Sometimes night time becomes a frustrating situation when we are not capable of falling as sleep as quickly as we would like to or every time that we have difficulties enjoying an appropriate quality sleep. There are plenty kind of treatments that could help us solve this type of condition, and one of them is music; yes that is correct, music has a deep connection to how well we sleep.

The advantages of sleeping with music are a wide variety, although it will definitely depend on the type of tones and melody we play; the recommended music we should listen to is calm and slow to lead our mind into a relaxing stage where we can start forgetting about all obligations and focus in resting only.

Advantages of listening to music before sleeping

Besides improving our sleep quality, music can also allow us to reduce anxiety, therefore the more time we spend during the day listening to calm songs, the better we will feel and the easiest will be to rest when our bedtime starts to gets near.

Some of the great benefits or advantages that music can provide for our sleep cycle is:

  • Allows our blood pressure to slow down and therefore our heart rate decreases allowing us to stay calm when we want to sleep
  • Relief our muscle tension by controlling our breathing rhythm
  • Help us realizes oxytocin and serotonin, two of the hormones that help us stabilize our mood and emotions

Although it is important to keep in mind that what could work for some people, might not be good for others, which is why we should consider listening to songs that are 60 to 80 beats per minute (BPM); besides that, benefits are not going to be reflected in long term, that means it needs to be a consistent habit that we perform in order to achieve better results.

Now you might be wondering, how to know if the playlist you have chosen is the correct one? there are two simple ways to find out if a song has 60 t0 80 BPM; one is by taking time while using a clock or a watch and keep track that every beat starts every second; or another simpler way is by looking for the name of the song in the net and search how many beats does it have.

Tips to select the best sleeping playlist

There are some songs that are certainly more adequate to sleep; that will depend mostly on the music genres than we select. Among the most recommended types of songs are the ones classified in the classical, piano, or jazz genre; the perfect advice is to experiment with a variety of songs in order to find out which one works best for you; considerate the following steps to create an appropriate sleeping routine that includes music in it:

  1. Prepare a playlist that fits all the previous requirements to allow us to sleep comfortably
  2. Avoid songs that could affect our emotions, and that may cause us to feel sad, irritated, or enthusiastic
  3. Do not listen to music with volume too high and prevent any hearing issue by not using headphones
  4. If you are using an electronic device, remember to keep a soft light, or if you are able to leave them without any light that will be better
  5. And last but not least, create a sleeping routine that includes music along with other healthy habits, and don’t forget to have a suitable pillow that helps you sleep kindly