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Not too cold and not too hot: Ideal Bedroom Temperature

Not too cold and not too hot: Ideal Bedroom Temperature

Not too cold and not too hot: Ideal Bedroom Temperature

Every time we fall asleep our body

increases its temperature, the process starts right before we go to bed, and as the night goes through it tends to get colder; this is a sign that our circadian rhythm is functioning correctly. It is a completely normal process that everyone experience; and the main reason why we should care about our bedroom temperature

Ideal room temperature

The changing process of our internal temperature is not something we can control ourselves; which is why we are required to regulate the bedroom temperature with the use of a thermostat between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit; that will allow us to maintain a comfortable sleep during all night. As soon as we sleep our body raises its temperature up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit; here is where the vasolidation process starts sending signals through the circadian clock; increasing the blood flow to all our extremities, maintaining them warm while we rest.

Simple ways of setting up the best temperature

It has been proven that having the ideal bedroom temperature can promote better sleeping, the key is to stay not too hot and not too cold, preventing any possible discomfort that might interrupt our REM sleep. Thankfully there are various ways of regulating the temperature of our environment:

  • Use air conditioning in hot climates
  • Install a fan in your room to keep the air flowing
  • Open a window to allow ventilation
  • Set up a thermostat
  • Control the bedroom humidity
  • Take a warm or cool bath depending on the weather you live at
  • Acquire the ideal bed sheets, pillows, and covers to keep you cool or warm

Consider following every recommendation and contemplate as well seasons change; here is where you will define if you sleep with a light blanket or a heavy comforter. Aside from that the place you live, whether if it is a hot or cold climate; this fact will always be imperative to consider if you want to improve your sleeping cycle.