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Reading before sleeping, is it good or bad for us?

Reading before sleeping, is it good or bad for us?

Reading before sleeping, is it good or bad for us?

Reading is one of the best habits we as human beings are able to practice and that also helps us treat some sleeping disorders; the good news is that a huge percentage of people that reads consecutively has been increasing over the past years; and here are only a few of the plenty of benefits that reading can provide:

  • Makes us smarter, because we acquire all new vocabulary without the need of reading scientific texts exclusively.
  • Improves our creativity and imagination by visualizing a scenario of the story we are reading.
  • Helps hugely our concentration because we are focus on the theme we are reading for a certain amount of time.
  • Increase our sense of empathy, because we are able to look in another perspective another’s people situations.

Reading before going to bed is something that should be practice with children constantly, especially because it brings them great benefits in their emotional and cognitive health; nevertheless, this is one of the healthy habits included in an ideal sleeping routine to help children and adults sleep better.

Benefits of reading before sleeping

Forget about watching movies, spend time on your cellphone, or even taking medications to fall asleep; when we include reading as a nighttime routine in our daily habits our sleeping quality will improve hugely, and we will be lead to enjoy wonderful benefits like:

  • Reducing stress
  • Combating insomnia
  • Clearing our mind
  • Activating our imagination
  • Experiencing a stage of serenity

Tips on how and where to read comfortably

book reading

Reading before our bedtime has become truly important if we want to correct our sleeping habits; however, there are some basic recommendations that we should consider if we want to fall asleep quickly:

  1. Establish a time to read that is included in your bedtime routine
  2. Choose a book that you enjoy but that doesn’t require a lot of reflective thinking, that way your mind will start to relax without any struggle.
  3. Try to avoid reading any emotional or fiction stories, otherwise, you will get caught on the reading and won’t be able to rest appropriately.
  4. Find a comfortable place to read, the best thing will be on your bed with a suitable reading pillow.
  5. Maintain adequate lighting in the place you are reading, this will help to prevent your eyes to do an extra effort and avoid any further consequences because of that.
  6. Prevent the use of “blue light” to read; this type of light will interfere with your circadian rhythm avoiding you from sleeping.

More than half of people that read before sleeping have presented great improvements in their sleep quality; and we all know that the better we sleep, the better we will feel ourselves and around others; because we will be enjoying from a good mood and also accomplishing our tasks effectively.