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Saving Money When Purchasing Throw Pillows

Saving Money When Purchasing Throw Pillows

Saving Money When Purchasing Throw Pillows

The most important thing when purchasing pillows is to know where to shop. There are many online and retail stores that sell pillows, but they can be expensive. Here are a few tips for you on how you can save money on your next throw cushion purchase.

First, if you already have a throw pillow, check to see if the insert can be removed. If the insert can be removed you can simply buy a new stylish pillow cover. This will allow you to keep the ultra-comfortable pillow insert that you’ve already paid for while getting a fresh new pillow style.

Your second option is to think about what type of pillow insert you need. Often you’ll find decorative throw pillows that cost in excess of one hundred dollars because they use a down insert. Down pillow inserts are the most expensive of all pillows inserts, but they are also very luxurious and soft when you lay on them which is why most people are drawn to them. However, it’s important to remember that down pillows are not hypo-allergenic. So if you suffer from allergies, down pillows might now be the best choice for you.

An alternative to down is to consider “faux down”. Today’s synthetic down feels just as good as the real thing, plus you get the extra benefit of a hypoallergenic pillow. This could reduce the costs of the inserts by as much as eighty percent, clearly making it a smart choice for today’s shoppers trying to stay within a budget.

These two strategies could save you hundreds of dollars on your next purchase of throw pillows. If you already have the insert, just purchase a new cover. If you also need an insert, consider faux down as an alternative to down.

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