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Choosing the Best Toddler Pillow

Choosing the Best Toddler Pillow

Choosing the Best Toddler Pillow

A parent wants to ensure only the best for their little one, and since sleeping is such an important part of their routine, it only makes sense to spend some extra time choosing the best sleeping accessories for them. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a pillow for your toddler:

If your little one is sensitive to environmental allergens, you should provide them with one of those hypoallergenic pillows that limit the number of bacteria that can grow on the pillow over time. You might also prefer going ahead with a pillow that is covered in 100 percent organic cotton as that almost always ensures the pillow being chemical-free.

Not many people know, but most eco-friendly materials such as buckwheat and hemp are not a good choice for toddlers and down feathers trigger allergies. The safest choice is choosing a pillow with a synthetic fiber filling or memory foam.

Go ahead with a pillow that is neither too firm nor too soft because ultimately, it’s toddlers comfort that you want to put first. A lot of people fall into the trap of choosing pillows that are too soft and fail to offer any real support.

A pillow that is 13 by 18 inches will suit your little one almost perfectly.
The experts suggest that introducing a pillow to your toddler after they are around 18 months of age is usually the best way to go about it. If this is your first time shopping sleeping accessories for a baby, doing some research always comes in handy.

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