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5 Reasons You Need Pillow Covers

5 Reasons You Need Pillow Covers

5 Reasons You Need Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are easy to remove and wash; they help to conveniently guard against allergens and extend the life of your pillows by keeping them cleaner.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in quality pillow covers:

Keep your pillows cleaner
Pillow covers often act as the first line of defense to keep pillows clean for a long while. Believe it or not but the human body sheds dead skin cells every day. Over time, our pillows get filled with skin cells, dirt, and dander just like our beds, and using a pillow cover prevents buildup on the down and feather inside the pillow. This extends the time between pillow washings, saving laundry time as well.

Blocks out allergens
Pillow covers made from tightly woven fabric keep dander and dust out of the pillow to prevent allergens from building up in the filling of the pillow. These pillow covers are also hot water washable, which is important since allergists commonly recommend washing linens weekly in 130-degree water.

Fluffier for life
Using pillow covers creates a defense against those body fluids that end up on our pillows. The oils and dirt in sweat and saliva can build-up to weigh down the pillow and reduce its fluff. While this can happen to any pillow, it can be a bigger factor in fiber pillows since they are light and we want them to be fluffy to maintain their performance.

Assurance against bed bugs
Bed bugs aren’t a big issue for pillows since they tend to like the creases of the mattress better. However, for those with a bed bug problem, having a little extra security can be important as it is common in large cities.

Freedom to customize
If you want to add a new feel to your bedroom, it is as easy as replacing the pillow covers.

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