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Sleeping Better In Stressful Times

Sleeping Better In Stressful Times

Sleeping Better In Stressful Times

The last year has been incredibly difficult for almost everyone. A lot of people have reported increased insomnia, intense dreams, restlessness, and other sleep disorders

Here are a few tips that can come in handy in sleeping better during stressful times:

1.Meditate, breathe, and relax
Lie on your back, breathe deeply and relax your muscles. Do this muscle by muscle. At the end of this exercise, your breathing should be calm and your body relaxed, ideal for dozing off into sleep.

2.Improve your bedding
Using comfortable and inviting bedding is a trusted way of getting better sleep. Choose pillows suited to your sleeping position, make your bed comfortable with a mattress pad and an oversized comforter. Consider adding a down blanket or cooling sheets for a luxurious touch.

3.Try the 4-7-8 sleeping technique
Place the tip of your tongue against the ripple of your palate, just behind your teeth, and exhale audibly through your mouth. With your mouth closed, breathe in through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale audibly through your mouth for eight seconds. Repeat the exercise four times, and keep in mind the ratio is important.

4.Think about a peaceful and restful experience
Imagination can help too. Imagine yourself in a place where you can completely relax, an ultra-comfortable hotel room with luxurious bedding or whatever helps. Before you know it, you’d be sleeping and dreaming of your restful sanctuary.

5.Try not to sleep
It might sound contradictory, but anyone who has struggled with insomnia knows that thinking or saying that you need to sleep can have the opposite effect.
We hope these tips will provide you with some relief from these sleep challenges. Do you need some new bedding? We can help you out!