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Telling a Comforter Set and a Bedspread Apart

Telling a Comforter Set and a Bedspread Apart

Telling a Comforter Set and a Bedspread Apart

A lot of us use the terms bedspread and comforter interchangeably without realizing that several factors differentiate one from the other. The biggest difference between the two is their size and most comforters require a bed skirt too.


Originally designed to be used as an alternative for a blanket or a quilt, comforters these days are usually inserted inside a duvet and are used as decorative covers. A comforter set will also include a bed skirt. A lot of comforters are reversible and thanks to duvet covers, you can change the appearance of a comforter very easily. A duvet cover also saves you the effort of cleaning a comforter as you can easily wash the cover. Comforters, over the years, have become the most popular choice for top layer bedding.


A bedspread, on the other hand, can be made from a thin material such as silk or thick material such as velvet, depending upon the consumer’s preference. The sole purpose of a bedspread is to add a design element to your existing bedding arrangement, finishing the look of a bedroom. A lot of people use it during the summer months.

Since comforters can serve decorative as well as functional purposes, they are given a higher preference over bedspreads.

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