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Sleep and couples, what is the relationship between them?

Sleep and couples, what is the relationship between them?

Sleep and couples, what is the relationship between them?

Have you heard that phrase that says “Couples that sleep together rest much better”; it certainly is a romantic expression and a dream that most of us would like to make true; but how many people actually agree with this expression?

There have been plenty of studies about couples’ effective sleep quality; and unlike of what we thought; the results have caused a huge surprise; according to some of these researches, newlyweds couples struggle more when sleeping together than the ones that have been together for a longer time; this is mainly because they are starting to get used to their new bedtime routine and in most cases, they are not used to sleep with someone else, or they begin noticing some nighttime habits that are not appreciated.

However, there were different results for those couples that have been living together for many years now. The outcome of these situations proved that longer relationships, in fact, sleep much better because they feel secure and accompanied during the night; of course, this will also depend on whether or not it exists some kind of sleeping disorder from any of partners.

Common sleep disagreements

Some of the main reasons why couples don’t enjoy sleeping together are:

  • Sleep apnea; which is basically snoring too much and too loud during the night, interrupting constantly their partner’s sleep
  • Lighting; could start a huge disagreement, especially when someone prefers to keep the lights on and the other person is used to sleep in complete darkness
  • Temperature; is a significant matter when one partner chooses to be in a cold room meanwhile the other one likes to sleep in a warmer place
  • Noises; that comes from watching T.V., an alarm, or some type electronic devices that might wake up the other person in the bedroom

Simple solutions to prevent bedroom conflicts

When we start sleeping together with another person, a lot of arguments will be presented that could lead to serious relationship difficulties and several resentments; therefore it is highly important to consider and maintain the appropriate agreements so that both parts in the relationship are able to sleep pleasantly and prevent any kind of conflict.

Finding a solution is crucial when we want our relationship to work correctly, and here are simple strategies that could make a significant change in the way couples decide to sleep:

  1. Keep away from the bedroom any type of electronic devices, including T.V., to avoid disturbances
  2. Reach an agreement of maintaining a light that does not disturb anyone in the room
  3. Set up a bedtime routine that benefits both parts and allows you to spend some quality time before sleeping
  4. Consider maintaining a room temperature that is not too cold and not too warm, 60 to 65° degrees is kind of a perfect average of what it should feel like
  5. Maintain healthy habits during the day, like practicing regular exercise and eating appropriately to reach a better sleep without any discomforts
  6. Reduce or eliminate the consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages near your bedtime, these could also increase the effect of snoring
  7. Establish a comfortable place to sleep with soft bedsheets, cozy pillows, warm comforters, or fresh blankets, that help us achieve a restful night

Respecting each others compromises are crucial when we are in a formal relationship, and sometimes it could be necessary to take extreme decisitions like sleeping in separate beds or even bedrooms, if we want to sleep properly, maintaining a healthy relation.